Stieglitz Snyder Architecture implements a collaborative architectural design process that ensures we exceed our client’s goals. The breadth and depth of architectural services varies for each project. Our firm tailors our team approach to best suit each project’s unique challenges, resulting in proficient and innovative design solutions.



Stieglitz Snyder Architecture has developed a systematic space programming process that establishes values, goals and requirements, while successfully building consensus amongst all stakeholders. It is our intrinsic understanding of both quantitative and qualitative attributes that allow our team to obtain and process relevant information, resulting in an effective programming document.

Master Planning

Stieglitz Snyder Architecture has established a master planning philosophy that is rooted in a process of deep engagement, to fully comprehend the subtle nuances as well as big picture issues. Each master plan organically evolves through an iterative series of presentations / design sessions with stakeholders, concluding in a cohesive plan that addresses our client’s immediate and long term goals.

Adaptive Reuse

Stieglitz Snyder Architecture assists our clients to extend the life span of historic structures through adaptive reuse. Our team’s creative planning coupled with our familiarity with applicable incentive programs and knowledge of archaic construction, leads to successful re-purposing of many older structures.  Renovations specifically suited for our clients inevitably result in a new community asset.

Interior Design

Stieglitz Snyder Architecture applies interior design skills to enhance a new building design or rejuvenate existing spaces.  Our firm’s knowledge of construction methods, acoustics, materials, and building systems result in a comprehensive approach to interior design. We consider the exterior, interior and branded environments holistically, creating designs that exemplify our clients’ mission, goals and values.


Stieglitz Snyder Architecture has been a proponent of sustainability and environmental stewardship long before it became mainstream in recent years.  While our team is well versed in the requirements of the USGBC’s LEED programs, we offer our sustainable building design approach for all of our clients by implementing resourceful space planning and selection of efficient, durable building components.

Architectural Visualization

Stieglitz Snyder Architecture has demonstrated significant expertise in our ability to communicate a project’s intent to a larger audience. Our team’s visualization techniques including modeling and renderings are invaluable tools for marketing, community outreach and establishing consensus.